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Weave Your Dreams Into Life

There’s no time like the ‘now’ to start living the life of your dreams.

As life-long manifesters and motivators, we’re inspired to help you find and live your passions to catch your dreams before they slip away.

Each of us has a unique life design… a special light that we’re meant to shine upon the world. When we find that light and live it, Epically Awesome things occur. The mysterious creative energies of the world respond to our higher vibration and the universe works in our favor, bringing gifts to us and all around.

So we invite you to join us on this journey. Discover how that gnawing feeling of desire inside of you is begging you to show up for yourself and live in alignment to the power of your special path.

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First Class: Dreamweave By Design opens on August 28, 2020

This 4-Week online course helps define and align with with your true purpose so that you can live with passion and weave your dreams to life
This 4-Week online course teaches you how to tap into the power of manifestation to live your life abundantly and attract great things into existence
This 6-Week online course combines the science and secrets of conjuring that spiritual x-factor to help create lasting motivation and change
This 4-Week online course helps release you from toxic energies to help you cultivate a lasting sense of love for self and others

The Music

Award winning singer-songwriter Pete Kartsounes brings you his deep smokey soulful voice and original tunes to help inspire you to live the path of your destiny.

to Learn More About Pete, Click on the Music Tab or Visit:


Enjoy the music from award-winning singer-songwriter Pete Kartsounes.

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An Artistic Modern Day Renaissance Man, Pete Kartsounes brings his unique gift for capturing beauty behind the lens to Project Dreamweave and Dreamweave Studios in Bend, Oregon.

Dreamweave Studios can help bring YOUR dream to life through photography or videography. Visit the Studio’s Tab for more.

You can also Learn More About Pete’s Photography and Videography, by visiting:

The Studio

"A Dream Without A Plan
Is Just a Wish"

-Katherine Patterson

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