Our Story

Pete and Andrea

Co-Founders & Co-Manifesters
Dreamweave Productions

Pete and Andrea stumbled into each other’s paths in 2019 after both had lived a life of great adventure; leaning into the power of manifestation, following their hearts and living their dreams. It was an instant click… a soul vibration that hit to the core from the start.

As a psychotherapist and executive business strategist, Andrea had spent two decades fostering healing and provoking deep transformational change in individuals, families, and organizations. As a singer-songwriter and musician, Pete had in turn, spent his last two decades weaving inspirational ideas of hope and love through song.

In April 2020, an idea was born. Both guided by a life of sudden manifestations… divine downloads or inspirations from a mysterious ‘cosmic sphere’.. Pete sat down to play the Piano and Chasing Dreams fell right onto the page. At this very same moment, Andrea was driving through a mountain pass and she was struck suddenly by an inspiration.. So much so that she pulled her car over on the side of the road and wrote…

"Share the Light, Share the Love, Share the Music”

...and the concept for Project Dreamweave was born.

This inspiration called them to combine their creative and manifesting energies with Dreamweave Productions: Coaching, classes, workshops and events peppered with the power of Pete’s inspirational music and Andrea’s lifelong passion for mindset and motivation to help others live and manifest their dreams.

Guided by an attitude of gratitude, by making beauty out of everything and living from the heart, the two bring you boundless inspiration, community, and support to radically redefine your life, light up your unique fire, and live your dreams.

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